Philosology: Controlling Negative Behavior

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Controlling Negative Behavior

A balmy, warm breeze blows through summer air while I am sitting in my chair. I contemplate why mind drifts off to places I have never been to. Even if I made sweetened lemonade in the summer, we didn't have a white picket fence with flowers growing over our porch. That might be a painting I've seen in merchandise items featuring a frame.

Bringing together several topics of Philosology, it is as easy to listen to other people as to yourself. Frequently, it is easier to listen to other people than attempt to fix our problems. There was a popular article stating people who are out-of-control, abusive or venting constantly focus on other people because they unable to fix themselves.

I do not know if this is unable to be disproven. It is an interesting topic. Extroverts are a personality type that focuses on understanding humans and humanity as part of their niche or contribution to society. There are other obvious misconceptions about the scientific study.

Being an extroverted person, I have a lot of conversations with a lot of people. I have thought of the information to develop a correct understanding of communication. There is no need to change myself because increasing this skill makes me a better person. My improvement is getting past my internal struggles to really understand other people.

Even though fixing myself, what is the next step? Should be more people or computer friendly? I should try both and develop skills until an answer becomes clear.

It is possible to identify what people think by what they talk about to other people. It is scary to talk to someone who is defensive or engaged in depressing thought patterns. Part of the problem is feeling threatened. Part of the problem is imagining threats taking place so they are able to build a defense. Half of the conversation reveals hostility. By thinking other people are out to get them, they are creating an offensive or defensive plan.

While this is intimidating, experience diffuses anxiety and creates multiple plans. At work or school, everyday is not a battle. Most people want a better life. Education is important to getting a better job. Work is important to gaining money. Parties are a method to socialize. Most people are nice. We struggle with conflict, develop boundaries and adjust behavior.

It is important to relate. If I just go to work to pay bills, other people go to work to pay bills. There is a common goal. It is weird encountering people who think other people are so different they're crazy. Yet knowing myself, I know they imagining the worst until developing coping skills. They also might not understand there are limitations to workable options resolving life issues.

It is easier to calm down. However, there is a need to also create a defensive plan. People with jobs are known for professionalism. I would not work anywhere that has several stabbings onsite.

Many people are not willing to accept change. Euphoria makes it possible to take the necessary action to work and holding a job means they are tough or outgoing. This statement, from another person, took a while to contemplate. Holding a job is not outgoing. It is extremely normal.

At first, they think people will perceive them as dangerous. They are overly assuming everyone is out to get them and they will embarrass themselves. Then I realize, they are concerned about their reputation. That might be me. Everyone should know that I spend a great deal time meditating about life's philosophy.

Communication is definitely an option. What do you say? It is difficult.

I meet people all-the-time. In high school, there were people I wanted to know better. We would talk at the coffee shop. Sometimes, they are not what I thought or they were mean. I went through a grief cycle. I accepted that we were not going to be good friends.

Some people say it is difficult to go from being acquainted and back to the more loosely defined group of people who coexist. It could be really easy.

We only really talked for less than a day. They probably do not know my eye color. We really did not talk about life. They do not know about childhood traumas, family, lifestyle and so-on. If they were questionably sarcastic, I would think about the content of the sentence. Without a follow up action to derive what they really meant, I still do not know what they were saying. It is fine.

If encountering someone who constantly afraid of other people, the other people may or may not know what is going on.They other people have never heard these rumors. They did not do anything. Telling them the rumor, they are able to talk about the rumor.

Talk to the scared person. Considering most of it is imaginary, they are mostly talking about themselves. There is a thin line between social conscientious and slander.

If finding yourself in a dark place in your mind, another person is always so awful, you can discover ongoing factors affecting your life. You might be doing or saying something hypocritical that causes a negative reaction. Until the behavior is adjusted, you will have the same problems. The adjustment of personal behavior is on the best methods to gain control over your personal life.

The most effective method for gaining confidence in various situations is to go to a safe place in your mind and think about life. It is imaginary. It is also very real. The calm, breezy day with representations of something endearing and a comforting activity are wonderful. Peaceful thoughts encourage peaceful solutions. I go to the refrigerator, get a soda and sit on the couch.

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