Philosology: Philosophy verses Way of Life

Monday, February 3, 2014

Philosophy verses Way of Life

Religion, philosophy and theology are frequently thought of similarly. There are differences between each and while it is easier to have a cross-category when indexing topics, Individuals relate to religion, philosophy and theology differently. Incorrect reference angers people.

Religion is a way of life. It is similar to walking on train tracks. A person should not walk on train tracks. We might not have seen the train, yet we know to walk by the sides of the train tracks.

It might be important to walk on the train tracks when crossing over a gully or river. We hurry over the train tracks. The train might arrive soon and we will have to jump into harm or danger.

When something is a religion, it is important to acknowledge the importance of doing or not doing something. It does not have to be a Judaic religion. It is any philosophy that has wisdom to avoid harm or danger. When someone calls their religion a philosophy, it is insulting. It minimizes the value of beliefs and questions personal knowledge of how to live well.

Philosophy is a collection of wisdom that is negotiable. They are thoughts about life and noticing truths about the world. It is the sharing of deductive insight.

A collection of wisdom has limitation. It frequently has broad horizons or it is not truthful for many people. Even when truthful for most people, it is a negotiable wisdom.

Philosophical Writers observe truth in their lives. Their lives might be substantially different from their Readers lives. The Reader will observe untruths and no longer value advice. However, Readers who observe truth find finer aspects of dealing with life that are beneficial to themselves.

One philosophy involves people's need to achieve dreams or be useful. Dreams are motivational. It helps everyone wake in the morning and find purpose for living. There are adages to find our dreams and love conquers all. Then there is a realistic application to finding dreams.

Bringing a dream into reality is important. Martin Luther King Junior had a dream. He wanted equal rights for everyone in the United States. He felt this dream is found through religion. By being a better person and avoiding conflict, there is less conflict and more opportunities.

This went well for several years and is true today. Many people have found work through loyalty and politeness. This is not just Afro-Americans. Unfortunately, while being nice should have a reward, many people are prone to test boundaries. Without personal boundaries, they tend to continue to oppress Individuals with judgments and erroneous perceptions.

The next part of the dream becoming reality was Malcolm X. He was born a Christian and became a Follower of Islam. With many problems, Employers thought they found people who would work for any amount of money. They did not need to care about honoring contracts. Unions were pressuring companies into offer better wages and benefits. The perception was that Afro-Americans would not defend themselves. Afro-Americans also became victims of petty crimes.

Malcolm X found a method to demand respect without harming people or Afro-American reputations. With assistance from the NAACP, when a person was wrongly imprisoned or attacked without cause lawsuits redetermined the course of events. This was a show of force, yet it is an understandable show of force. Through action and wisdom, a dream becomes reality.

Does this work for everyone? It does not work for everyone. This is not always a stable method of dealing with life. Individuals without oppression appears snobbish or aggressive.

Has some called a woman of a specific race being stupid or slutty? It is a sign that men are not protecting woman and other men are attempting to ruin reputations. There is a chance that if they are not in complete ruin. They have decided defense is unimportant or will cause many problems.

They begin defending themselves more through legal action and clarify facts when there is no longer an incentive to behave. Enemies or Oppressors do not have empathy or want specific groups of people to fail. They must defend themselves through assertive actions and sometimes threaten separation from other nationalities.

After this happens another race becomes a target. People experience gossip, cruelty and harassment for creed, lifestyle, sexual orientation, music preferences, fashion preferences and other none valid methods of critique currently. There is reason to have fear and reason to defend themselves. Unfortunately, acknowledgment of an action has consequences does not happen until after Formerly Oppressed Group retaliates.

Theology is the studying of religion as though it were a philosophy. There are parts of theology that inhibit studies. Anything other than Christianity is often given the title of "cult." Several religions are not cults. The minds creating the philosophy of theology place their beliefs above other religions. Since it is not a valid way of life for everyone, it is a philosophy.

Theology attempts to identify truths of life by studying ancient wisdom. It is awkward how Grecian-Roman philosophy is truth and not a cult. The most Influential Group determining right and wrong are from a Grecian-Roman belief system. Grecian and Roman were both Pagans before altering religion to conform with Judaic Law. This infusion became Catholicism. Many Christian sects dismiss Catholicism and Judaism as a cult, yet Socrates is perfection.

This paradox makes a person realize theology is a historical record or index of religious thoughts. An Individual is able to sort through the information to confirm or improve religious belief.

It is easier to prepare for life when there is an advance warning of potential harm or danger. No one enjoys feeling as though they jump from death to have potential for harm or death. We want to learn from wisdom and find stability through religion. We should respect everyone's way of life. Several non-christian religions have enormous populations of Healthy Individuals. There is proof their religion is ethical and moral.

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