Philosology: Life Spirals Down

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Life Spirals Down

Conflict is has more than one purpose. Some people believe it is only to damage another person. It is really to communicate. In this age of fear, there are people who go to far and have malice in their hearts. I have also felt malice. Then I think. Using a development of ethos, it is easy to diffuse anger and find other methods of diffusing conflict.

Hypothetically, someone is having difficulty. They are in a stressful situation and come from family who have excitable discussions. I am a person whose family is excitable. Of course, being demure, they understand and focus thoughts into a sentence. I take these sentences with seriousness.

There concern for my life choices and how I'm living. This judgment hurts me. Yet, they are worried. Worry is good. It demonstrates a sense of compassion and desire to resolve issues.

This was confusing for during most of my teen life. I went to live with other members of my family to get the amount of freedom and respect I need. There is a risk of danger. However, someone trying to control every aspect of your life is also dangerous.

There are also uncontrollable situations. There is an absence of unjustifiable behavior. People are living. They have a life. I have a life. We have thoughts about life. We have thoughts about goals.

Having not been a different person, I have to go by what I feel is right and also possible. We develop fantasies about the future. Realizing changes are necessary, anger is a predominant feeling when sensing loss.

With a need for conversation, we are not always polite. Having known my family first, it took awhile, I see how arguing becomes a method to resolve issues.

It is odd when encountering someone who does not know this. For whatever reason, they believe people are going to go to the furthest end to resolve conflict. This is false. They have probably gotten into fights and later given hugs to each other.

It is distracting when people build on negative things. Additional aggression joins the conversation. It becomes confusing. During the age of social media, it can be overwhelming.

I remember to be compassionate. Have I ever thought conflict was without end? Yes, it took awhile to ride through the conversation until reaching a compromise or solution. We became more knowledgeable of each other as individuals.

Have I ever felt a loss of a fantasy? Yes, it was difficult. Though not losing anything tangible, the path for gaining my better future did not have a foundation in reality. I did not know the boundaries of my reality. It is difficult to establish. People were judgmental when sharing thoughts about life to gain the missing pieces of the equation. I wanted and needed more empathy.

Have I ever been entertained by other peoples conflicts? Yes, I can be sardonic and useless in finding solutions. I mostly enjoy the on-goings and might never offer assistance to resolve the situation. I find myself giggling as much as anyone while flames build higher.

This is when empathy becomes sympathy. Finding the higher meaning of conflict, there is an intellectual intersection. It is possible to take the information and form it into a method to control the situation. It is possible to start a plan to develop an exit strategy.

Exit strategies are great. It is the notch between conflict and reconciliation.

There is a current situation with two varying factors. They are not related. Developing into a conflict, there are other factors in the world making it difficult to create a compromise.

The first factor is encountering a person that feels good towards me. I blog about a lot of things that help a lot of people. Sometimes, people want to meet or see me in person. They are not the first person. Usually, the intense shock of reality verses fantasy is wearisome, yet controllable.

It is great writing about things on the internet. Truthfully, there is a lot I do not post the internet. I have decided there is a personal incentive of living a better more normal life by following social etiquette.

Recently, someone became a public figure in relation to reading my thoughts on various topics. Yet, things aren't what they seem. Already suffering through stress, there is the immediate shock of another fantasy disappearing while already having problems. Then, it became an open topic.

I have other aspects to my life. As many people know, I was an avid gamer. I have retired and continue to the larger game of living. Occasionally, I act as a master of ceremonies. This assists other players in continuing enjoy playing.

With an annual competition, there is a time where in people can release some hostility into the gaming world. It is a game. People don't really get hurt. It starts and I will need to signal an end so there is closure. This year's closure will be felt with remorseful chimes and bagpipe music.

As a method for larger players to meet, it is an important part of the game. It really is not fun to build and collect inventory. That is similar to a puzzle. Puzzles are entertaining.

Hopefully, with empathy and understanding a very real situation will not be overran by another very real situation. Life is hard. I have taken drastic actions and made promises with only a hope it will workout. I have held everything inside thinking about what to do while other people continue to be callous towards me. They did not even know have a deteriorating affect on my life.

Communication is great. When caught between two forces of motion and immobility, communication is necessary. It isn't always calm and fluid like a script. It is bouncy. Time to think about what is being said. Time to observe what is happening.

Listen with your heart. Empathize to find a mutual feelings about experiences to develop sympathy. Develop a plan between aggressive actions and falling into silence. Experience is the only way to learn and begin to adapt to conflict so it is no longer as threatening.

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